MSFC Fan History Panel Continuum 13

Our fan historian, Leigh Edmonds, recorded this panel with early members of the Melbourne SF Club. 

The panel (l to r): Leigh Edmonds, Lee Harding, Dick Jenssen, Rob Gerrand

Panel starts with Leigh Edmonds at 00:23 / Dick Jenssen at 11:00 / Lee Harding at 15:20

Dick on the Club as group therapy 20:48 / Rob Gerrand at 21:44 

SF as subversive literature at 25:18 / Creativity in fan groups at 28:16

Cracking the Pulp market at 30:30 / PK Dick Electric Shepherd and Norstilia press 38:15

Summary: what's most important  44:10 


New Gene Tech Problems

I spoke to Louise Sales from FoE's Emerging Technology project last week about the introduction of new generation Gene Manipulation to AUstralia.


Climate Communities


Roman and Barry Mitchell caught up with Vanessa Petrie, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) & Imogen Jubb, their Carbon Communities campaigner to talk about the report they launched at teh Ecocity 2017 conference in Melbourne.


Ecocity 2017 Summit Media Conference


At the Melbourne EcoCity Summit, July 12th, 2017,  Prof John Thwaites (Monash Sustainable Development Institute) chaired a media conference with key speakers on Cities and Climate: Dr Debra Roberts, Climate Advisor to ICLEI & Co-chair IPCC Working Group III; Aromar Revi, Director, Indian Institute for Human Settlements; Senator Ronan Dantec, President Climate Change Association, France; Dr Kevin Austin, Deputy Executive Director, C40; and Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, Chair, Climate Action Network Australia.

Roman was there to record the session for 3d Radio's Environment Show.


T2 Trainspotting

Sometimes the sequal is better than the original...




Old man Logan

Kathryn and Roman discuss the latest Xmen movie, Logan.



Iron Fist

Adam and Roman consider the latest from netFlix/Marvel: Iron Fist


Frankly, the supporting characters were far more interesting!



Bad Movies

Sometimes you run out of good movies to talk about...
...and we find out who should play the new Doctor.


Trailer Reveal

Way back in April, Kathryn and I played the second Guardians of the Galaxy trailer for Adam...


Hidden Figures

Kathryn and Roman discuss a delightful film about three early female computers at NASA.




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