MUA says No to Nuclear Ports in SA

Roman caught up wirth Jamie Newlyn,  the branch Secretary of the MUA to ask them how they felt about the Federal Government naming three ports -- Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Port Pirie -- as potential nuclear waste portsin three technical reports from the Dept of Industry.


Crisis on Earth X

A crossover event between The Flash, Green Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.



TV viewing

From the sublime to the terrifying via the rediculous: what we're watching on TV


Discovery vs Orville

A curious situation: two star trek series, one official, the other a clone.

Do you enjoy both, or chose one?




Time travel with Dr Who

Kathryn and Roman went to the cinema to see the restoration and completion of an old Dr Who epoisode: Shada, written by Douglas Adams.



MSFC Fan History Panel Continuum 13

Our fan historian, Leigh Edmonds, recorded this panel with early members of the Melbourne SF Club. 

The panel (l to r): Leigh Edmonds, Lee Harding, Dick Jenssen, Rob Gerrand

Panel starts with Leigh Edmonds at 00:23 / Dick Jenssen at 11:00 / Lee Harding at 15:20

Dick on the Club as group therapy 20:48 / Rob Gerrand at 21:44 

SF as subversive literature at 25:18 / Creativity in fan groups at 28:16

Cracking the Pulp market at 30:30 / PK Dick Electric Shepherd and Norstilia press 38:15

Summary: what's most important  44:10 


Thor: Ragnarok

Adam, Ruth, Roman and Kathryn chat about the third Thor film



No Justice for New Gods


Adam, Ruth, Kathryn and Roman winge about the Justice League movie.


New Gene Tech Problems

I spoke to Louise Sales from FoE's Emerging Technology project last week about the introduction of new generation Gene Manipulation to AUstralia.


Climate Communities


Roman and Barry Mitchell caught up with Vanessa Petrie, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) & Imogen Jubb, their Carbon Communities campaigner to talk about the report they launched at teh Ecocity 2017 conference in Melbourne.


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