Interview with an Ecosocialist — pt 2 of 2


Part 2 of Stephen Darley's interview with Ian Angus, Canadian Ecosocialist and Author


Interview with an Ecosocialist –pt 1 of 2

Ian Angas

Stephen Darley from the 3d Environment Show chatted to canadian ecosocialist ian Angus about Climate and Capitalism and other things. First broadcast may 3, 2016


Philip Wollen at the 2015 World vegan Summit

Broadcast, with permission, on 3d radio's environment show, June 28th, 2016.

Full video of the talk can be seen at



How do you create signs that last 10,000 years? The difficulty of warning future generations about buried nuclear waste lead Robb Moss and Peter Galison to make the documentary Containment, where they look at various sites where nuclear waste was a problem, including Savannah River, WIPP and Fukushima.
Robb Moss is professor and chair of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard. I caught up with him after the Adelaide screening of the film to talk about it.

The health hazards of nuclear

Paediatrician and anti-nuke campaigner Dr Helen Caldicott gave evidence to the South Australian Royal Commission on Nukes on the morning of Tuesday Oct 20th. I caught up with her just afterwards, to record a brief interview for broadcast on 3d that evening.