Olympic Dam EIS

The Environment Show interviewed David Noonan, Independent Environment Campaigner about the proposed Olymic Dam Expansion on June 2nd.

If approved, the expansion would increase BHP’s already significant impacts on land, water, culture and wildlife.

Further information is available at the Friends of the Earth website here 

Check out David Noonan's recent briefing papers about the impacts of the proposed expansion of Olympic Dam:

  1. “BHP Extreme consequence tailings dams with potential to cause fatality of 100 employees”

Briefing Paper & Chronology of Events by David Noonan, update 22 May 2020

BHP has Questions to answer on Worker Safety, Transparency and Accountability at Olympic Dam


  1. “BHP Olympic Dam EIS Assessment Guidelines – Impacts on Aboriginal People”

Comments on EIS Guidelines by David Noonan

Independent Environment Campaigner, 25 May 2020


  1. “BHP Olympic Dam operates underoutdated1991 era Radiation Exposure Standards”

Briefing Paper prepared by David Noonan, Independent Environment Campaigner, 18 May 2020

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