The End of Times

It's been a while since we managed to meet for a podcast session. We thought we'd talk about movies, so what better place to start than Avengers: Endgame?

Avengers Endgame


We mentioned a timeline (useful to keep time branches straight); we enjoyed the one by E Byron Nelson, who notes

My Comprehensive A:E Time Travel Plot Diagram

The Timeline
This diagram includes every jump out and jump in point on all the timelines. In my analysis, there are five (edit: six with Hawkeye's) parallel timelines after A:E, including one in which Thanos, Gamora, and Nebula vanished in 2014 and never returned; one in which Frigga may not have been killed; one in which Loki escaped with the Tesseract in 2012; and one in which Steve Rogers reappeared in the 1950's, perhaps subsequently marrying Peggy Carter and foiling the plot by Hydra to infiltrate Shield.

View the full diagram at


Ecocide as a criminal offense

In part two of my 2014 interview with Polly Higgins, we start by talking bout why ecocide should be a criminal, rather than civil matter.

Eradicating Ecocide: Laws and Governance to Prevent the Destruction of our Planet
Earth is our Business: Changing the Rules of the Game

See Ecocide Act:

Sadly, Polly Higgens died of an aggressive cancer on Easter Sunday this year, a couple of months after the diagnosis.
Her work continues via the Earth Protectors (

Ecocide: International Crime Against Peace

Polly Higgins was a Scottish barrister, who left her career as a corporate lawyer to focus on environmental advocacy, and unsuccessfully lobbied the United Nations Law Commission to recognise ecocide as an international crime.

Ecocide had been proposed as one of the international crimes against peace in 1996, but failed to be included in the final Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Higgins started to campaign for its inclusion around 2009, when the Rome statue was being reviewed.
I had the great pleasure of interviewing her in 2014.

We shared a pot of tea, sat on my patio on a warm summer’s day, and discussed why ecocide wasn't adopted as an international crime.


BZE’s Electrifying Industry report


Roman spoke to Venessa Petrie, CEO of Beyond Zero Emissions, and Michael Lord, author of their new report, Electrifying industry. They were in town for the Adelaide launch of the report.

You can download this report, and earlier ones, from the BZE website:

Climate Strike by Students

Students around Australia held strikes on Nov 30th to protest the lack of concrete action on climate change.

The Environment Show talked to Samantha James from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (aycc) and one of the striking students in Adelaide

MUA says No to Nuclear Ports in SA

Roman caught up wirth Jamie Newlyn,  the branch Secretary of the MUA to ask them how they felt about the Federal Government naming three ports -- Whyalla, Port Lincoln and Port Pirie -- as potential nuclear waste portsin three technical reports from the Dept of Industry.

Half a Sith is Worse than None…

Solo.jpeg While we enjoyed the movie, we had a few quibbles...

Young Sheldon

We discuss the spinoff from Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon.

A Fannish weekend

Roman spent the Queens Birthday weekend at an SF convention, Continuum 14, aka Conjunction, in Melbourne. He shares a few details with the crew.

The Infinity War









All three of us saw the new Avengers movie. If only Squirrel Girl were there to battle Thanos!

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